The Drummond Family have been long time residents of the lower mainland for five generations and over 100 years. Dennis Drummond grew up in East Vancouver and has had an extensive entrepreneurial career establishing a variety of businesses in Richmond, B.C. Over the past thirty years, Dennis and Elizabeth have been searching for a final project that would be their legacy—a gift to the  community to complete their professional careers.

To achieve their goals, they have been searching for a commercial real estate sector that could best combine with the structure of a Lifestyle club. After exhaustive research by the Drummond’s expert team, it was determined that the self-storage industry presented the best form of real estate investment.

The Drummond Club is the first new club in Richmond in over 50 years. Its proprietary Financially Intelligent Membership is a global precedent. The Drummond’s look forward to welcoming you as a founding member of their exciting new financially intelligent Drummond Club.

History of the Drummond Clan